SSBC Board Meeting Highlights - 7/14/11

07/16/2011 10:08

 Silver Spurs Booster Club - Board Meeting Highlights -July 14, 2011

Attendees: Mildred Chambers, Taryn Young, Kris Brownstone, Tracy Goetz, Kathy Abed, Janice Pflum, Michelle Egli, Lori Scriven, Martha Pittman 

Mrs. Hoge: Not present.

Proposed Budget:

  • Kris Brownstone presented copies of the proposed budget for 2011-2012 highlighting $260 income and $65 out ytd. 
  • Kris explained the format of the budget sheet and adjustments made for this coming year to include omission of some items and addition of items to include “costumes” under “other obligations” for unforeseen items that come up during the year. 
  • Mildred Chambers has requested cost estimates for pipes/drapes/etc from Denise Chavira. Director of Sales for the Freeman Company is currently working on this estimate for spring show. 
  • We will be charging dance team members/managers $20 for the totem pole plaques. It was suggested that managers be better communicated with and given the option to purchase the plaques if desired.


  • Kathy Abed presented two samples of sunglasses, black or blue. The board decided to move forward with the blue glasses imprinted with SV and Rangers. Kathy will pursue ordering 100 pairs to sell with merchandise.

Tee Shirts: 

  • In progress.

Other information: 

  • Smug Mug not able to be accessed, so Kris Brownstone will attempt further investigate to get it running again.
  • Mildred Chambers reported Mrs. Hoge would be sending out further information regarding the 5K fund raiser in Sept. 
  • Michelle Egli presented a sheet of the committee chairpersons and co-chairs signed up at this point, and co-chairs still available.
  • Kris Brownstone informed members of the website available with link to the blog. She also reported that a social officer would be represented at each SSBC meeting for communication.

Next meeting: The next board meeting is scheduled for 7/26/11 at 6 PM at Kathy Abed’s home. Next SSBC general meeting to be determined then.