SSBC Committees 2011-2012

07/16/2011 10:36

The following are the 2011-2012 Committees for your reference.  We still have need for co-chairs and helpers if you are interested. 


        Chairpersons: Collin Newman, Lori Scriven

        Helpers: Sarah Eury, Melissa Hackmaster

Homecoming Mums:

        Chairpersons: Amy Shuler, Wendy Bowerman, Larene Simmons

        Helpers: Michelle Egli, Tracy Goetz

Spirit Gifts:

        Chairpersons: Andi Thompson, Martha Pittman

        Helpers: Open


        Chairpersons: Danell Foster, Need co-chair

        Helpers: Open


        Chairpersons: Kris Brownstone, Need co-chair

        Helpers: Open

Dance Clinic:

        Chairpersons: Martha Alston, Margaret Tenorio

        Helpers: Open

Spring Show:

        Chairpersons: Need 2 Co-Chairs

        Helpers: Kathy Abed, Collin Newman, Kris Brownstone

Spring Banquet:

        Chairpersons: Cindy Trevino, Need co-chair

        Helpers: Caroline Broderick, Kris Brownstone, Mildred Chambers


        Chairpersons: Caroline Broderick, Need co-chair

        Helpers: Danell Foster, Open